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Problem hosting a LAN game in Unreal Tournament?

Just installed the classic UT from Steam and discovered that LAN gaming doesn’t work. When you try and host a game you get; Your network configuration may not be compatible with hosting matches. Please check your router’s manual for instructions … Continue reading

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ATI Catalyst Center always crashing

I admit that one of the criteria of buying a laptop was that is must have a dedicated graphics card because I’m do like to play a bit of Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately for me I chose one with a … Continue reading

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Understanding the various names and user ids used by Steam

Recently I published an iPhone/iTouch/iPad application (sTeam Achievements) for those people who play games via the popular Steam service. The application relies on the user making their achievements public and knowing how to sign-in using either their ‘Custom URL or … Continue reading

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Completed Unreal Tournament 3 (2007)

I spent some (un)productive holiday time completing UT3 campaign mode and it was good fun. It’s more story based than previous versions and does give you an opportunity to choose different paths through the campaign although I’ve not spotted how … Continue reading

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The trouble with RTS’

I do like to play Real Time Strategy (RTS) games but I’m getting a little bored with the AI in them. One of my biggest bugbears is the use of mission triggers. For example, in Company Of Heroes you must … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed playing Portal by Valve but I was even more happy to complete it. The other day I was made aware of this Flash version, at last I completed that too…but did I get any cake in … Continue reading

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Unreal Tournament 2007 Demo

Just downloaded and played *the* demo for me, UT2007. I tried it on my old P4 9800XT XP SP2 and, well the graphics were rubbish, but it was still playable. In fact the speed was great but 640×480 and characters … Continue reading

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