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CreateDocument in DocumentDB (Cosmos) says created but it’s not there?

Had a bit of head-scratcher today. I was using CreateDocumentAsync to write a new document to the store and the return value was ‘created’ but when I searched for the document it wasn’t there. The problem was that I was … Continue reading

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DeleteDocumentAsync – PartitionKey value must be supplied

I was trying to delete a document in DocumentDB / CosmoDB and I was surprised be faced with the error message of, ‘PartitionKey value must be supplied’. There doesn’t appear to be a way of passing the partition key to … Continue reading

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The target “MSDeployPublish” does not exist in the project

Had a very strange issue this morning, create a new Azure Web project as usual, went to publish it and it refused to saying, ‘The target “MSDeployPublish” does not exist in the project’. So I compared the project with one … Continue reading

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A method to compare blobs in different Azure blob storage accounts

I was recently asked to run a comparison of the blobs in two Azure Storage Accounts, where they should contain the same blob entries. However, some of the entries had been deleted from one account. Since it requires scanning the whole … Continue reading

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How to encode a date condition in Azure Data Factory

I keep forgetting the correct format; here is an example; where created_date >= \\’2017-05-11\\’

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How to remove a search term/url from Edge

The other day I wanted to lookup the price of a PlayStation in France. I entered into Edge and found the details – all was good. However, now whenever I start to type ‘am..’ into Edge it keeps trying … Continue reading

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Monitoring the progress of CreateIndex

One of the frustrating aspects of SQL Server is the lack of progress indicators. One such command falling into this pit is CreateIndex. However, this is a great link for a solution; Step 1 – Before you run the following … Continue reading

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