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One way to ease writing PropertyChanged events

Here’s a quick tip for those who want to write propertychanged events but dislike frameworks; Example; Advertisements

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Discovering what Data Item the control in your template is bound to

One issue that raises its head every now and again is how to add controls to a List’s Data Template in such a way that you can understand what data item the control is associated with when the control raises … Continue reading

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Window Phone User Group talk

Just a quick post for those who maybe reading this after listening to me at the WPUG. The post about the keyboard behaviour can be found here; If you have comments about the talk feel free to let me … Continue reading

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How I think Silverlight can work on desktop & phone

I recently started to consider a new User Interface for a web application. Oh yes I want to use Silverlight but it just has zero presence on mobile devices, can I justify the speed in development/maintenance vs the lack of … Continue reading

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Silverlight to resize to 100% with IE8

Had a frustrating time getting a Silverlight control to take up 100% height of the browser page. First off, this is nothing really to do with Silverlight and all about the div it’s contained in. In IE7 having the div … Continue reading

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Silverlight with ASP.NET http context gotcha

Encountered an old problem at work today. A Silverlight application which talks to an svc on the same web host wasn’t correctly sharing the same session. You could see this as the httpContext was different between the web site calling … Continue reading

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ASP Session Context State missing in WCF call from Silverlight

I added a new Silverlight app and corresponding WCF service to my site yesterday and I couldn’t understand why the WCF service could not see any of the details in the ASP Session Context property bag. After a bit of … Continue reading

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