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ADSI, IIS and Windows 7+

Time for another one of my, please-don’t-forget-this-again posts. I was running some code today that was calling the ADSI (Active Directory Service Interfaces)IIS://LocalHost/W3SVC. However I was getting access denied. After trying every admin user on this earthly realm I decided … Continue reading

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Easy way to create bootable disk/usb from iso image

Not strictly a development problem but I’ve always found it a pain to create bootable media from iso images. Today I discovered Microsoft have a very nice tool for the job, download it and follow the very simple wizard; iso-tool

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Sharing a single bin folder across multiple sites

During development it’s often useful to have multiple sites (and other app domains) using the same bin folder even if they are located in different locations. My preferred mechanism is to use a directory junction. E.g. you have a bin … Continue reading

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ActiveX cannot create object on old site hosted on Win7 64bit

My colleague and I ran into a problem today where an old ASP site had problems creating old VB6 components. So as not to forget what to do; In Win64 the registry is conceptually broken into two versions, one for … Continue reading

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How to enable Network DTC Access on Windows 7

This confused me for a bit, they’ve moved the Network DTC Access dialog from the MSDTC tab to its own node… Select properties on the above node…

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