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Windows Phone 7 LongListSelector Sample with Accents and Culture support

Recently I’ve made a few posts about how to support different cultures and accents when using the Windows Phone 7 Long List Selector from the Windows Phone Toolkit. So rather than try and explain each bit I decided to finally … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Jump List groupings

In a recent post about displaying a longlistselector in wp7 I eluded to code that would need to be correctly localised. Whilst I haven’t had the time to produce the code, I thought this may prove useful in the meantime … Continue reading

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How to use wp7 LongListSelector with Blend Sample Data

In my previous post, How to use Blend sample data with a LongListSelector, I described a a step by step approach to allow Blend sample data to be used with the Wp8 LongListSelector. It makes development a lot easier. However, … Continue reading

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Easy theming with Windows Phone

Easy theming with Windows Phone Windows Phone has the concept of Dark and Light themes. I really like this idea as I typically have my phone in Dark theme and switch to Light when in bright sunshine. Unfortunately not a … Continue reading

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How to transfer apps with Windows Phone 7 (wp7)

I was fortunate enough to get a second Windows Phone 7 today and naturally wanted to transfer all my hard-collected applications from the old wp7. I visited Zune expecting there to be some form of ‘restore applications’ button. Sure enough … Continue reading

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Discovering what Data Item the control in your template is bound to

One issue that raises its head every now and again is how to add controls to a List’s Data Template in such a way that you can understand what data item the control is associated with when the control raises … Continue reading

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Update to Keyboard Behavior

Found a bug in my Keyboard Behavior where it didn’t correct discover the page the behavior was on. This meant that under certain circumstances the keyboard would not be hidden after the last tab. I’ve updated the source code.

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