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Beware of duplicate cookie values

Came across a strange problem today that I thought I should record since I’ve already wasted enough time investigating it. The problem was that a web site was recording a setting to a cookie each time a page was unloaded; … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer (IE6 & IE7) fault in unknown module

Just been through a very frustrating couple of days with IE. A few days ago the machine had used an old dial-up connection to ftp to a site when the machine crashed. After the crash IE refused to connect to … Continue reading

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Browser speed wars, it’s not all about rendering

After reading a quick performance guide to the various new browser engines it struck me that it has missed another aspect, that I just happen to have been experimenting with…that of caching. A current customer I’m working with has some … Continue reading

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getElementById gotcha

I was looking, and I can’t stress this enough, at someone else’s HTML/JavaScript. The code looked something like; <a onMouseOver="elementid.className=’New’" />…<img id="ElementId" src=…>…<div id="elementid">… so I was asked to find out why this wasn’t working in a number of browsers. … Continue reading

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IE7 doesn’t launch in Vista

I’m currently seeing an odd problem with one of my machines running Vista. Quite often when I launch IE7 it simply doesn’t appear, I can see it in the process list but no browser. I’ve tried killing the process off … Continue reading

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Safari for Windows

I must admit to raising an eyebrow when I saw the release of Safari 3 Beta for Windows. I then read a very negative opinion of it in Mac User. The premise of the argument was that by giving Safari … Continue reading

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Testing for Safari when you don’t have OSX

Developing using Microsoft technologies can make it expensive to test your site for other browsers and platforms. IE, Firefox and Opera can ease (or maybe that’s make things harder) to test your site. However, the big bugbear is OSXs Safari. … Continue reading

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