ATI Catalyst Center always crashing

I admit that one of the criteria of buying a laptop was that is must have a dedicated graphics card because I’m do like to play a bit of Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately for me I chose one with a combo of Intel 4000 and Radeon which dynamically switches depending upon the application executed. I say unfortunately because it doesn’t work with Left 4 Dead. In my attempts to force it to work I created an Application Profile in ATI Catalyst Center (CC). Having second thoughts I decided to delete the project…BANG. CC crashed. Restarted app, rebooted, re-installed…crash, crash, crash. The solution was to into you user profile /AppData/Local/ATI/ACE and rename ACE to ACEold (or something). Happy CC again. No idea what the exact issue is, but it did the trick. I hope this helps prevent anyone else losing an hour to head-scratching.