Unreal Tournament 2007 Demo

Just downloaded and played *the* demo for me, UT2007. I tried it on my old P4 9800XT XP SP2 and, well the graphics were rubbish, but it was still playable. In fact the speed was great but 640×480 and characters like spuds doesn’t make for a great game. My old-ish gaming rig faired better although was still only 800×600 – Vista, AMD 4600×2, 6800GT (very old card). The game played well enough and does seem better than 2004, although not by much. Sort of 2004 crashing into 1/2life. I’ve got dual boot on that box so I’ll see how it fairs with DirectX9. First impression were good, and I can’t wait for the 8800GT cards to be released.

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