Windows 7 64bit, sharing Canon printer with 32bit clients

My trusty Canon MP800 printer was shared to my home network via it’s Vista 32-bit host, however I’ve now installed Windows 7 64-bit. The problem is that although you can share the printer easily enough you have to allow the "server" to have the 32bit drivers available to the clients. The problem is that when you tick the 32bit architecture and try and search for the drivers it won’t detect them, I’m guessing the downloaded 32bit driver package hides the actual drivers until you do a normal install. You can’t do a normal 32bit on a 64bit OS. Luckily I discovered this post that I’ve duplicated (in case it gets losts);
To share printers across a network between Vista x64 and any other operating
> system do the following.
> Vista
> ——
> Click Start >>
Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Printers
> Click on Add a printer
> Select Add a local printer
> Create a new port >> Local Port >> Click on Next
> Enter the port name for the network printer (i.e. \\
Computer Name\Printer
> Name)
> Select the printer from the list
> Continue until the printer is installed.
> Other operating systems
> —————————-
> Find the Add printer wizard and do exactly the same method as for Vista.
> With any luck your printer will already have printer
drivers included with
> Vista and obtaining drivers for other operating systems if they are missing
> should not be a problem.

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