Pocket Loox 560N repaired

My PDA started to turn it self off whenever I moved it, this is very annoying. Worse still sometimes it wouldn’t switch back on unless I took the battery out and gave it a few mins. I finally got around to sending it off (under warranty) for repair and it’s just arrived back. Seems fine now, although I’ve not got the joy of setting it all back up again, why? Well because they force you to do a full system reset before allowing you to send it off, grrr. Anyway I was just struggling to setup the WiFi and hit a few little issues;
1. Board has changed, therefore Mac Address has changed therefore need to update the Access Control list on the router.
2. Even after entering the network key it wouldn’t connect to the network. Old trick required, for some reason network changes never seem to take on the Loox and you need to do a soft reset (with the stylus) to get to work.
Hurray, WiFi back, now for Exchange Sync!

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