Pocket PC as a network media player

The Pocket PC is now nearing total domination and has become a network music player.
The major problem is that Mobile Media Player won’t look at network drivers. However, after reading a very helpful article I installed the Net Use application which successfully fooled Media Player into seeing a network drive as a local folder. While there I also read about a Coding4Fun project getting the PDA to ‘remote control’ your media library, includes all the .net source code too. Could be fun.

[Edit] Ah, talked too soon. Although media player can see, and catalogues, the tracks it won’t play them, ‘Invalid Parameter’ or something. Apparently some issue with the the translation of the file name. So I’m now looking at the Coding4Fun project and I’ve just installed the Mobile SDK so I’ll see how that goes.

[Edit] Hurray, using the PocketMusic player seemed to do the trick. Not sure it’s a replacement for  dedicated media machine but it’s certainly small and quiet, good qualities in a music streamer…plus it’s it own remote…although I’m now eyeing up using the Mac’s front-row remote control via the PDA infrared port. For something that is supposed to save me time it seems to be creating project upon project!

One thought on “Pocket PC as a network media player

  1. Carlo Ma. January 18, 2007 / 10:11 am

    Yup… It was much ximpler with anyting from WIndows Mobile 2003 Second edition down. Resco Explorer made it easy to search for your shared folders and you could simply tap on the file to play them. Now it\’s a pain…

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