Pocket PC, finally it works

Well things have finally moved on. My Pocket PC is now directly synchronizing with Exchange Server. Since this done via a wireless connection I now have no need for a host PC…hurray!  I did have a slight set back with installing the necessary certificates to the PDA. I’d read a few sites explaining how to download special install software but all failed for various reasons. Until I found one site that state you simply click on the certificate! Yes it worked a treat.

The next (ahem) step was go for a GPS walk. I’ve registered with a site, GPS Walk, that supplied a breadcrumb application for the PDA. The application (and site) are still in their early days but it was a strangely fun thing to do, might have something to do with the two pubs I took in…you never know.

The third PDA success was a programmable remote control. There something satisfying with been able to change the TV channel with your PDA, surely there is some mischief to be had with the companies infrared controlled projector?

This leaves me with two remained tasks to be solved. 1. GPS for the car with traffic avoidance (TMC) and 2.  Streaming MPGs to my stereo from a main server via the PDA.

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