Pocket PC woes

It was too good to be true, now I’ve actually started to want to use it the Loox is proving to be a bit tricky. As with anything OS based is it Windows or is the device(s) at fault?
1. Company (I’ll name and shame if they don’t respond soon) sold me a USB cable that doesn’t fit
[Edit] Oh the shame. The cable has the "up" printed on the wrong side, so turn the connector over and it works a treat <doh>.
2. Windows 2003 ActiveSync refuses to find the PDA, even though it connects at a network level. I can ping it and everything.
[Edit] Well Fujitsu support contacted me today. Hmm, literally was re-boot the PDA if that doesn’t work send it back for tests. Great…really tried everything there then, not impressed.
3. Windows XP finds the device via USB but I can’t get ActiveSync to work via Bluetooth. The PDA see’s the desktop but doesn’t see anything other than a serial service. The desktop can see the PDA and establish a relationship but no ActiveSync, and I can’t offer any other services.
I have to be honest, the whole Bluetooth configuration is a bizare mix of security and in/out ports. So I’ve really no idea how it should be set up.
So I’ll have to make do with VPN’ing into work from my XP box to synchronise my Pocket PC via USB, madness.
[Edit] No need now, I’ve got Exchange sync’ working now

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