Debugging when classic ASP calls into .net

Breakpoints not firing when called from COM+?
A collegue was having trouble debugging some .net code that was called from classic ASP code. After getting over the initial problems of making sure that the source code matched the binary files (always a good start) the breakpoint still wasn’t firing. The problem was that the .net component had a com wrapper hosted in COM+, nothing unusual there. However, they’d configured the application to launch a debugger as soon as the application starts. The problem here is that Visual Studio only attaches to the x86 part of DLLHost. When you eventually get around to calling the .net code it is blissfully unaware that it should be debugging. The solution I chose was to stop all this auto-launched and simply wait until some .net code has been called. Then attach to the DLLHost process, ensuring it states ‘managed’ in the process, and then you’ll be hitting breakpoints to your hearts content.

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