How can you tell if your USB devices are plugged into a USB2 port?

Ok my machine is behind the times, but still it’s important to know if you’ve plugged your USB2 device into a poor USB1 port. Apart from getting a warning about ‘your device could perform faster’ how can you tell?

  1. First off launch ‘Device Manager’, typically found in Control Panel or if you’re Win7+ just Start->type in ‘Device Manager’
  2. Open the Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  3. Look for ‘USB2 Enhanced Host Controller’ (or better) to see what type of hubs your machine supports.
  4. Now open each of the ‘USB Root Hub’ nodes until you find the ones using the USB2 Enhanced Host
  5. Now look at the Power tab and you’ll see which devices are attached

It’s not as nice as you might like, but it’s one way to see if you are using the correct hubs, it’s also a good way to avoid putting USB1 devices onto a USB2 hub too.