JsonReaderException: Error reading JArray using Adaptive Cards with Bot Framework

AdpativeCards should work well in the Bot. You should be able to produce great looking cards and also be able to respond to user input. In the latter case you are likely to run into a nasty little problem with how the serialization works with the Bot Framework and Adaptive Cards. If you’re struggling then there is a cheeky workaround;
The links starts at ~11mins into the whole tutorial https://youtu.be/2Hy9m5MvD4o?t=673

Can’t Render Card – Bot Framework Emulator

I was having a strange problem with rendering Adaptive Cards today, the emulator just kept complaining that it couldn’t render the card. I’m using the latest Adaptive Card package (1.1) so I couldn’t see why they’d be a problem. Turns out the emulator currently only supports 1.0. So when you create a card you have to do something like;

AdaptiveCard var = new AdaptiveCard(new AdaptiveSchemaVersion(1, 0));