How to transfer apps with Windows Phone 7 (wp7)

I was fortunate enough to get a second Windows Phone 7 today and naturally wanted to transfer all my hard-collected applications from the old wp7. I visited Zune expecting there to be some form of ‘restore applications’ button. Sure enough under purchase history it listed all my applications – happy days. However, when I selected an application it says to open MarketPlace. So I went to the new phone, opened MarketPlace and nothing. Hmm. I then visited and looked at my phone->my account. There was the same list of applications, however this time there was a big fat ‘restore’ link. It then prompted to select a phone and one ‘restore’ later the application silently installed on the new phone. Hurray. I would say that the process could be a lot easier. A nice set of checkboxes rather than doing the painful task for each app would be nice Confused smile, and some sort of feedback on the phone to say it was installing would be useful too. But at least my paid for apps are back…or so I thought…

My phone operator is ‘Orange’ and they provide a nice add-on to MarketPlace called ‘Orange Selects’. It would seem that any application I’ve downloaded from there, free or otherwise, cannot be reinstalled – ‘sorry there is a problem’. Suffice to say I’m not very impressed, especially since I’m still using the same SIM and contract. So BEWARE.

EDIT: thanks to keyboardp for this; if you attempt to buy an app that you have previously purchased/installed then the marketplace will realise this and ask you if you just wish to reinstall it again. It’s a bit off putting to have to press ‘buy’ but it seems to install without incurring a payment.

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