Hive Offline again?

One of the joys of the British Gas Hive system is the scheduling of heating & water. However, my install has a particular tendency to just stop working. This is a problem because you don’t get any real warning apart from a freezing cold shower. Since this has just happened to me for the 3rd time in a year (twice in as many weeks) I thought I’d write down my guide to getting it online again. This is just for me, you should obviously phone the Hive helpline and NOT follow these instructions.

  1. First off, check the status of the service;
  2. Look at the Hive Hub controller (probably next to your boiler). If it’s got a big red light on then; ensure no other functions are on, i.e. no green lights on heating or water. Turn the hub off, wait a second or two, turn it back on again. For me this is fuse-style switch.
  3. Now go to your graphical thermostat and press the knob in. If it says, “no signal” then take it near to the Hub Controller (see 1). Take a battery out of the thermostat, wait a second or two, put the battery back in. Press the centre knob again, you should now have a signal.
  4. Log on to your Hive App or the online web site. If the heating & water are still saying offline then go to the Hive Hub next to your router. Turn that off, wait a second or two and back on again. Wait for the green light to settle down. Once it has then you just have to wait about 15 mins. If you are using the App you may have to also kill that off and restart it (not just move away from it, you need to kill it). Hopefully it will be back online. If not, you’ll have to call the Hive help line.

Hive Keeper for Windows 10/Windows Phone

Since I became concerned about not realizing when Hive had gone offline I decided to write a little helper. Providing the machine you install it on is running it might help you detect when it’s gone offline, install it from the Microsoft Store
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