Extracting an Entity from LUIS in Bot Framework

Recent changes to the supporting LUIS libraries in the Bot Framework have puzzled me. I find that whilst getting the Top Intent from the RecognizerResult recognizerResult?.GetTopScoringIntent(); is easy, getting hold of an Entity seems very strange. I’m not sure if it’s my SDK, LUIS models or what, but this is the code I’m currently having to use…and I confess I still find it all very odd;

public static class RecognizerResultExtensions
    public static T GetEntity<T>(this RecognizerResult luisResult, string entityKey)
        if (luisResult != null)
            var data = luisResult.Entities as IDictionary<string, JToken>;

            if (data.TryGetValue(entityKey, out JToken value))
                // wuuuh?
                return value.First.First.Value<T>();

        return default(T);

Hope it helps


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