How to log .net binding errors when you don’t have fuslogvw.exe

One of those sticky production problems is when you are faced with a ‘Could not load file or assembly’ type problem and you do not have the .net SDK installed…so no fuslogvw.exe. Today I shown the following extract from StackOverflow



Add: DWORD ForceLog set value to 1 (DWORD )

LogFailures set value to 1 (DWORD)

LogResourceBinds set value to 1

LogPath (String) set value to folder for logs ie) C:\FusionLog\

One thing to add is that after making those changes you’ll probably want to reset your process e.g. for a web sever (IISRESET), COM – shutdown application, etc. Then you can restart and look into the folder you entered for the LogPath.

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