Beware of SyncToy

I have a very simple backup strategy for my home machine; 1 home machine, 2 external WD hard-disks. I keep 1 disk at home and 1 at work. The theory is that pending global disaster I should have a copy of my files somewhere. To keep my most important files backed up (music & pictures) I use SyncToy. It’s nice because I can configure it to just copy the files over without examining each file, after-all individual music and photo files are not going to change. But today I noticed a rather nasty glitch. When I sync Disk to drive A it works fine. I switch the drives and it only sort of works <gulp>. Some files are sync’d but others are not. I noticed this since none of my 2010 pics were copied over. I would appear that for ever external disk you have you must create a new sync pairing. So be warned, although it says everything in sync’d make sure you have a dedicated pairing per external disk.

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