Quick guide to starting a WinMobile widget application

It’s still early days for the W3C Widget, but the idea of been able to write a little application that I can run on numerous devices and platforms without requiring any changes is interesting (well I spose you could call that Adobe Air, maybe even my beloved Silverlight at a stretch – but even they requires an additional plug-in). So knowing that in reality they’d be difference I set of downloading various SDKs. However, I hit a number of installations problems all of which I’m sure are down to dodgy installers, beta software and 64bit Windows – not a clever combination I admit. So I grabbed trusty WinMobile and started on that first. The first issues was getting Visual Studio to sync up with the emulators. No chance, there is no project for widgets you have do everything by hand. So here is my very quick guide to get you working;

  1. Install Win Mobile 6 SDK refresh
  2. Install Win Mobile 6.5 Dev Toolkit – you’ll now have the emulators available to the device manager
  3. Create a blank web site
  4. Add content – see
  5. http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windowsphone/pages/getting_2D00_started_2D00_with_2D00_widgets.aspx


  6. To test I used a great little util http://widgetemulator.codeplex.com/
  7. Then to try it out for “real” create a shared folder in the emulator pointing to your .wgt file, and browse to it from the PDA folder browser



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