MacBook with broken case…fixed!

My little white MacBook has been through the wars…well not really. I look after it very well, so I was very angry with the case started to split apart. Also about the same time the machine would often refuse to go to sleep and would sometimes just switch off with no warning. All of which seemed to be down to the Bluetooth module playing up. Basically it was looking like time for the knackers yard for this little PC. So it was with some interest that a collegue told me that Apple had actually admitted that the case problem was a design fault and would fix it out-of-warranty. So after a long, if polite, conversation with Apple Support (complete with dictating various Forum URLs saying about Apple relenting) they gave me a ticket number and a number to call for repair. When I took it in I asked if they could check that the Bluetooth module was correctly seated. Today I got the Macbook back complete with new case part AND a new bluetooth module, which was nice. So far the machine seems to working as good as new. So for once, thank you Apple for making me feel like you actually care about your customers. Thanks again, keep up the good work.

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