nHibernate CreateQuery gotcha

As an nHibernate newbie I wasted a bit of time trying to get the Hibernate Query Language (HQL) CreateQuery function to work for me. Even the simplist query failed to work, e.g. I have a class MyEntity and I wrote something like;
session.CreateQuery("From MyEntity as myEntity")
then nHibernate would give me errors such as "in expected", or "uknown token as". I’d read a bit about problems where the mapping may not have been processed yet but that couldn’t be the case because I’d previously successfully loaded a MyEntity. However, it did prompt me to ask the SessionFactory for the metadata about MyEntity. What I spotted was the EntityName included, now obviously, the fully qualified name of; MyNamespace.Bla.Yada.MyEntity. Therefore the correct syntax is;
session.CreateQuery("From MyNamespace.Bla.Yada.MyEntity as myEntity")
I’ve yet to find a way to add namespaces to the query but at least the thing works now!

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