Using IIS in Vista to access your Visual Studio web site project

Developing in Vista certainly presents the odd challenge. Recently I’ve started to develop applications using Live Mesh and I wanted to test out Delegated Authentication which involves running a web site under IIS. Now I’m not used to IIS 7 so after the initial shock of a new UI I setup the required virtual directory and ran my web site. However, I kept getting a rather strange error message;

The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

At first I took that to mean I’d corrupted my web.config file but no that all seemed fine. I eventually tracked down a Test Settings button in IIS. This showed a big warning triangle saying that it couldn’t ensure the site identity would be authorised to access the disk folder. Once I’d set an appropriate user to access the folder everything worked fine.

To access the Test Settings button;

Open IIS->Navigate to your site->Basic Settings (in the right pane)->Test Settings->Click on any line with a warning triangle and read the explanation.

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