RIP IE6, goodbye old friend

To start off I’m not an IE6 hater. Much of what is written today vilifies IE6 but for me it’s been a steady, if limited, platform. However, even I concede that it no longer fits the bill. I could second Calling time on IE6 reasons of it’s limited CSS support or it’s now poor JavaScript performance but the final straw for me is the lack of bug fixes. Sure Microsoft will fix the critical (aka security) issues but anything else it just isn’t interested in. E.g. Want to use IIS compression and content-disposition? Yes please, but wait it doesn’t reliably work in IE6 😦 (Edit: note to Systems Admins, you should move away from IE6 too for the same reasons, the users should have the best experience including decent caching, compression, parsing, rendering and bug fixes – all things IE6 doesn’t give you)

So I’m joining throngs of the ivory tower W3Cers and fed up web designers…

Although to balance out the post, Firefox, Safari and Opera can all be royal CSS pains in the….too!

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