Integrating Silverlight with ASP.NET authentication

It’s the new year so it’s about time I dusted off the Silverlight gloves so I’ve turned my attention back to user authentication with Silverlight. In my ‘bookmarks to look at’ I’d kept Accessing the ASP.NET Authentication, Profile and Role Service in Silverlight which provides a very simple example about how to hook the ASP.NET goodness to Silverlight. One interesting point is that Silverlight uses the same mechanisms as the ASP.NET page so if you login (or logout) with Silverlight then you’ll be logged on (or out) on the ASP site too. It will be interesting to carry on playing with this, I hope to investigate merging this with my Silverlight offline work and roling my own membership provider. Quick point, like me, you’ve not installed SQL Express and are using Vista then change the SQL Local Provider in your Web.Config and not the Machine.Config…trust me you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

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