Goodies from Remix UK

Finally managed to get the download subscription from Remix working, only about a month late! However, getting the correct subscription information was only the first hurdle. Once armed with the information to subscribe to the american site (where the downloads live) I hurried to the download only to discover that although the keys were now ready the download was greyed out. Turns out that it doesn’t like Firefox on the Mac (MS sites can really be bad examples of how to write web sites, especially ironic given this is the Expression site). So fired up Vista and tried again. Hurray the download was ready so clicked it….
VBScript: Microsoft File Transfer Manager
There was an error launching File Transfer Manager.
If you are running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1,
this installation may have been blocked.  If the gold IE Information Bar is present above, please
click the bar and select the option to ‘Install ActiveX’.
For additional assistance, please visit the web site,
or contact your help provider.
Erm ok, played around with the IE settings and no joy. Went the link in the message, ‘bad page’. Oh wonderful, I can see this is a really great example of a web site. To be fair there is some info about this in the FAQ page, although I found the easiest solution was to go and download the msi for File Transfer Manager. Once installed things started to work. So I’ve now finally managed to download a disk full of iso images and a Vista iso mounting driver from
Begin Rant
It appears that Microsoft are trying to learn from Apple, that really was a very painful dowload experience similar to the farce of downloading DRM material from iTunes. But don’t worry because we’re soon going to be putting all our life into the cloud…<gulp>
End Rant

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