Silverlight release candidate (RC0)

Things are hotting up for Silverlight 2 as Microsoft have release RC0 for download for developers but not for the general public. The idea is that when Silverlight 2 goes live (must be soon, PDC anyone?) then those of us that have developed applications using Beta 2 have a chance to test and fix any breaking changes. I just spent the last 6 hours installing both Visual Studio SP1 and the new Silverlight tools (oh and uninstalling all the previous Silverlight installs). A couple of tips, if you have Blend then uninstall that too, and when you insall VS SP1 it may reboot after installing .net 3.5 Sp1. If that happens then it appears that VS Sp1 has installed (cause VS says so) but in fact in my case it did not. So you may have to re-run the install to complete it (Vista issue?).
After installing RC0 you do get a few new goodies, the most obvious of these is a combo box, hurray!!!
Happy installing, but prepare to lose your dev machine for a few hours if you’ve not already installed VS Sp1. Here’s waiting for general release Hot

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