Dual boot XP after Vista

I had done things in the "correct" way to have a dual boot system. I had installed XP on drive C, had a data drive (D) and installed a new drive (E) to install Vista on. Everything went well until I had a hard disk failure on C and lost XP. After a lot of effort I managed to recover the Vista drive but the Vista repair had moved the MBR onto the data drive. Having got a replacement drive back from Seagate and installed XP onto it. I used the instructions from http://www.syschat.com/dual-boot-vista-xp-vista-already-1946.html (since as this post notes the Vista repair doesn’t work after XP has destroyed the boot loader) and then http://apcmag.com/5485/dualbooting_vista_and_xp for the instruction on EasyBCD to create the dual boot menu.
Everything worked but I now have;
Data Drive – C
XP – D
Unknown – E
Vista – C
XP – D
Data – E
That’s not going to be confusing is it! Already I’m getting default installers for XP trying to install to C…those naughty lazy developers!
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