Antivirus software strikes again

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know of my growing dislike of some modern Anti-virus software, well I’ve another axe to grind. The other day I arrived at work to discover that my long running overnight tasks had failed, in fact my machine was showing a nice Blue Screen of Death. Fortunately I now happen to sit next to the system team so I leant over and asked them to take a look. To cut a long story short we discovered that McAfee has a problem with Gigabit network cards. Now you may think that one machine BSODing isn’t an issue but it turns out to be cause of why a number of our servers were rebooting, so my misfortune was the system teams gain as they’d been scratching their heads about the servers. McAfee have released a patch for the problem but again I’m left wondering how time we’ve wasted using McAfee against the cost of dealing with a maybe-get virus.

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