Comparing Cameras

I’m trying to learn how to use my Canon 350D to get decent shots but I’m finding it difficult. As a comparison I’ve got two shots of (almost) the same scene at the same time, one is from the Canon 350D, the other from my pocket Sony, any comments as to which you prefer and why the Canon one is worse (guess my favourite) then please say…
[EDIT] The upload process has destroyed the size of the images, I’m looking for another host now…
350D –
Camera Model Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
Shooting Mode A-DEP
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/800
Av( Aperture Value ) 3.5
Metering Mode Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 100
Lens 18.0 – 55.0 mm
Focal Length 21.0 mm
Image Size 3456×2304
Image Quality RAW
Flash Off
White Balance Mode Auto
AF Mode One-Shot AF
Parameters Settings Contrast  Mid. High
 Sharpness  Mid. High
 Color saturation  Mid. High
 Color tone    0
Color Space sRGB
Noise Reduction Off
File Size 6976 KB
Drive Mode Single-frame shooting
Sony –
Camera Model Name DSC-T100
Tv (Shutter Speed) 1/640
Av (Aperture Value) 4.5
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 125
Image Size 2592×1944
Flash On
Color Space sRGB
File Size 1295 KB

One thought on “Comparing Cameras

  1. Ian Betts October 11, 2007 / 11:02 am

    Drop the originals on our lan and I\’ll take a look.
    Straight out of the camera is a difficult comparison, particularly between SLR and compact.  The internal processing is often so different and compacts usually exaggerate contrast and saturation at the expense of image quality.

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