ITunes anger re: DRM

I’ve recently created a dual boot system of XP and Vista and made my first purchase from iTunes, I downloaded the Ricky Gervais pod casts series 2. It didn’t go well, I paid the money but the download failed half way through but eventually I managed to get the full audiobook. I put said download on my iPod and enjoyed the crazy brain of Carl, all this using XP. So last night I installed iTunes on Vista and downloaded series 3. Dragged the download onto my iPod and got, "you are not authorized" or some such message. To say I was angry was probably an understatement. I dragged the files into a shared (XP & Visa) drive and rebooted into XP, where I happily copied the files over. So this morning I thought I’d revisit Vista. When I double-clicked the download in iTunes it said I wasn’t authorized BUT it then offered me the chance to authorize this machine which I took. So…a) why didn’t I get that chance in the first place b) why doesn’t it recognize the "machine" rather than the OS c) why bother when it knows I’ve purchased it!? I hate DRM, everyone that pirates audio/dvd etc will always find a way and poor paying saps like me get the worst experience ever…I still get very angry with the seeming 1 hour anti-piracy intro’s on DVDs. So please entertainment industry ditch this stupid DRM concept and stop telling me not to pirate the film I just bought/rented.

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