SATA II (SATA-2) cable

Since aquiring a copy Vista Ultimate from Mix 07 I thought that it would only be polite to install it 😉
I didn’t want to give up on XP in case I lost devices or…games don’t play as well Embarrassed
So I bought a nice new SATA II drive to install a dual boot Vista on. Now I’ve had problems with SATA cables because the sound proofing on my PC can nudge the cable and SATA cables are RUBBISH at staying in place so I knew I had to find a right-angled cable to increase the gap between the cable and the case. I found a cable by akasa that looked right-angled, although it didn’t specify that, so I took a chance on that. What I didn’t realise is the cable has been designed to include a retaining clip! Hurray, so not only is it right-angled it makes a decent attempt at staying in place. So if you have a choice get one of these! Product Code: SATA2-60-BLUV

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