Mix 07 UK

I attended Mix 07 UK last week so I thought I’d give a quick review.

Day 1: 11 September 2007

Mix:UK 07 Keynote

I’d watched a number of presentations from Mix LA so the keynote didn’t really contain anything new but it did reinforce the message that Silverlight seems like a viable platform.

Total Experience Design (Paul Dawson, Matt Bagwell)

I’d made a decision to avoid low-level technical session in favour of learning about user experience design so I went along to this session. It was quite interesting and the messages I took away from the session were; people that enjoy an application will get more from it, rich experiences are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Building Silverlight Applications using .NET – Part 2 (Scott Guthrie)

Joined the second part of this session with the hope that it would be more advanced than the previous part. Although I didn’t get an awful lot from this there were a couple of gems; 1. Multiple file uploads (worth the entrance price) 2. The use of Silverlight as a non-UI tool 3. The reliance on the browser cache (shame but I can understand it).

[Insert really good title here.] (Hoss Gifford)

A nice idea this one and Hoss seems like a good guy with a real enthusiasm for his work. The basic idea was to come clean an explain what goes wrong with (artistic) projects. I didn’t get a lot from this one although my designer g/f enjoyed it, I guess it was one for the non-developers.

Developer Panel

I must admit I got little bored with this one. It was billed as Cloud vs Client but IMO that was an argument for two years ago. I think everyone understands the basic advantages/disadvantages of both and when to combine the two. I did find one of the audience questions interesting, I’ll paraphrase it, "if my country requires that I adhere to strict rules governing the access/security of my customers data, how can enforce that if the data is in the cloud and could potentially be stored in countries where the rules are different, non-existent or even counter the rules of my country?". Tough one.

Day 2 to follow…

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