Reducing vibration noise from a PC

My main PC sits in an upstairs room. Although the machine (was – more on that later) pretty quiet to be around you could hear a very real rumble when downstairs. I needed to come up with a way of isolating the PC from the floor to stop this noise. I’ve been looking into getting some form of rubber matting such as that used to reduce noise in heavy machine shops. Last night I remembered an old HiFi trick, cut a squash ball in half and put that under the PC. I tried it today and it seems to have done the trick, I can’t hear it from downstairs now…I’m sure the neighbours will thank me too Embarrassed.
However, the machine has recently developed an annoying vibration noise when closer to it, it seems to resonate through the case as putting pressure on the case seems to stop it. So I’ll need to open it up and try to ascertain what is causing this – I hate any noise from my PCs.

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