OS User Perspective – money for old rope?

I was reading yet another, "my OS is better than yours" thread the other day and was shaking my head at it. One particular Apple user using OSX Leopard to throw mud at a Vista user. So it was with some interest that I read a recent Mac User magazine review of Leopard where they reviewed 10 new features and go onto to say that there is really nothing new. At the same time I was attending a Windows 2008 training course and was been told about features that you can quite happily use in Windows 2003 and more often than not Vista. What struck me is that the interesting things in an OS are often never seen by the user, they enable other features or simply make the system faster or more robust. So I think to avoid users crying, "money for old rope", I think OS vendors really need to sell us on the fundamental changes not the latest show-boating translucent flyout menu.

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