Team System Performance Profiler

Why is something that is so good, be so bad? My misfortune with this profiler continued today when I wanted to test a DLL…I know whoa don’t try anything too tricky 😉 The DLL in question is signed but the profiler must be injecting code or something because it failed complaining that DLL wasn’t signed. A quick look on the web and sure enough it does de-sign it, and you’re supposed to re-sign in a post instrumentation step. Ok, but what does that mean. Well to save the next person the hassle I had it is this…
<path>sn.exe -R <path to assembly> <path to key file>

I can’t believe this isn’t the de facto way people would performance test so why isn’t that step just built in?

The next problem had me shacking my head in disbelief. I wanted to add a new project to instrument, so I clicked add and a huge non-scrolling dialog opened where my project was about 2 miles below the screen. Good grief, what a rookie error. Luckily I managed to count the number of projects and press the down arrow the corresponding number of times, press space then enter. Come on Microsoft, please test Visual Studio with decent sized projects, please!

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