Expression Design Training

My trusty RSS Reader (RSS Bandit…what a terrible pun, if you don’t get it I’m not explaining it) told me of some free training for the Expression range of products over at so I loaded up the Expression Design training. The training consists of a series of downloadable exercises and a set of corresponding QuickTime movies. Now I’m not an experienced Adobe Illustrator user so most of this vector design stuff was going to be new to me. Well actually the tool is pretty self explanatory if you’ve ever used anything with layers. The training was aimed squarely at someone who doesn’t have a clue, which I guess is fine. You do learn the basics of using it and it is worth going through if you use my top tip. Make use of clicking the scroll bar forward. E.g. when you see someone move a shape from A to B, fast forward because you understand it and don’t need to see them move it to C, D, E…etc!

One gripe I did have with the training is that it is using beta software and some of the sample files in the beta simply don’t exist in the released version, although the sample used are so simple it doesn’t really matter.

Overall it was good to go through, just don’t sit there and watch it second by second.

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