Wake Up On Lan for Pocket PC

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I became fixated on Wake Up Lan and published a code snippet for C#, you’ll also probably know that I try and cram my IT world into my Pocket PC. Well, tonight the enivatable happened, I wrote a WOL client for the Pocket PC. I’ll try and post it somewhere but if you need it in a hurray then drop me a line. It wasn’t quite a 100% port from the desktop version as the Compact Framework doesn’t support TryParse but it isn’t hard to replicate that feature. So now if I want to stream music to my stereo from my PC via the Pocket PC but my PC isn’t on, well I can now wake it up from the PDA, it will mean running for an extra 1 min to burn off those conserved calories from running up and down the stairs though.

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