TMC Navigation with Navigon and Pocket Loox n560

The story so far…
I have purchased; Pocket Loox n560 (built in GPS), GNS TMC (built in speaker) and Navigon 5 (from ebay).
The GPS navigation worked well but I could never get the GPS and the TMC on at the same time and my primary reason for buying all this kit is really about avoiding traffic jams rather than route planning so I was a bit disappointed. Reading various forums it seemed that I needed to upgrade Navigon 5 (MN5) to at least 5.1+. This presented a problem. Although the guy I purchased the software from assured me it was legit, there was no serial number, without a serial number there is no upgrade. I couldn’t buy MN5 now because 6 is out but that doesn’t work with TMC in the UK! So I went back to trawling ebay. Finally I managed to get hold of MN5.2 although worryingly the guy was selling it because he couldn’t get it working with a n560…eek. Finally it arrived this morning and I hit my first installation problem. The dumb ***** have created an installation that requires a C++ DLL that seems to ship with MS Office – I don’t have Office. So I manually copied over the CAB file and installed it myself, although bang goes the Clever Map software.
Connected all the various bits together, changed the GPS settings to GPS/TMC integrated, manually put 9600 as the baud rate COM 8 as the port and…it worked! The only slight snag is I can only get a very weak signal from Classic FM so I’m not sure how well the traffic avoidance is going to work, but I’ll have to be out and about to test that, but so far so good. I do feel a bit sorry for the guy I bought MN5.2 off, if only he’d had this blog to read

[Edit] Still a bit unclear about this. I’ve heard reports that the TMC now uses commercial radio stations, might explain why the auto-tuning went to my local, "better music mix" station. So rather than attempting to stay fixed on Classic FM is went on my usual commute letting it auto-tune. Well it wasn’t very successful. Admittedly whilst driving it’s difficult to know what the signal is like but when it was safe I glanced at the signal indicator. A couple of times it looked green, whilst close to home, after that it was red, red, red. At one point I was, ironically, stuck in traffic so I switched it the TMC tuning view. It would lock onto a strong signal and then move on. I assume (since the instructions and so utterly rubbish) this means its found an FM station but isn’t getting the TMC signal. I’ll have to try and find a list of stations broadcasting it.

[Edit] A bit more information of who is sending the TMC signals…

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