A fundamental difference between OSX (UNIX) and Windows

I spend most of coding time using .net and Windows. However, I do like to experiment in the world of OSX, hence my interest in MONO. It’s pretty low down and dirty and really it doesn’t feel like development on Unix has moved on in the last 10 years having to use command line arguments and the like, I mean really! 😉 This isn’t for me, so I went looking for a nice development IDE and found things like the monodevelop project. Then the eureka moment for me. After reading the instructions for Linux I found a link to someone with instructions for OSX. Part of the instructions included a warning that recompiling these libraries may have an adverse effect on the system…or something like that. There you have it, UNIX is great no doubt, but to get into it you really have to be brave. Windows, these days, mothers us far too much but it’s difficult to accidentally foul it up just by compiling your code. Whereas in UNIX everything is still about running scripts and making changes that make your buttocks clench. I do detect a real effort in both UNIX variants and Windows to protect the system from the user and to provide much better installation mechanisms. So I’ll probably drag my feet with Mono until I get a lovely installer that works directly with OSX rather than via GNome or the like.

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