IE7 breaks Virtual Server

Ah IE7, how I detest thee.
When I installed IE7 on WinXP SP2 my Virtual Server stopped working. Boy did it take me a long time to make the connection though. Every time I tried to log on to the Virtual Server it would correctly prompt me for authentication but it would always fail regardless of the level of use I chose. The error was that I failed to authenticate against an ACL. So I went to the root folder for Virtual Server and went to select the security permissions. However, on XP (unlike my more familiar Win2003) the security tab doesn’t exist. After following the help links I discovered that it does exists, you just have to switch it on. Although it wasn’t where it said it was in the help. The help says "Use simple security" is under Control Panel->Folder Options->View->Advanced. Whereas the last ‘Advanced’ button doesn’t exist, it’s just one of the options in the tree view. After turning the security tab on I then selected the security for the root folder->Advanced and forced all the child folder to inherit from the root. Job done. Although it took me about 30mins of turning the air well and truly blue before I figured all this out. Thanks again IE7.
PS, does anyone else have trouble getting the new tabs to respond to changes in the address bar? It just stays there looking all dumb…or looking like IE7 as I now like to think of it.

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