Pocket PC, car navigation

Managed to get hold of Navigon Navigator 5 software from ebay the other day, since I can’t buy the UK version from Navigon. Stuck the SD card in and installed the CAB. After about 30mins of struggling it to see the integrated GPS unit I finally persuaded it by resetting the PDA, rebooting to fix a problem isn’t a desktop only phenomenon. So what’s  it like? I decided to test it on the local shopping run. It decided to take me there via the motorways but hey, I guess it will prefer to do that. The instructions were clear with each major changed prompted at least twice (with distance to manoeuvre) giving you plenty of time to make the change. So I got to the car park with no problems, apart from one set of traffic lights it didn’t tell me about. On the trip back I decided to take the b-roads. It gave me directions back to the motorway but as soon as it realised I’d missed its suggested turn, it quickly re-routed me via the road I was now on, "that was nice".

Next stage is to buy a TMC (traffic avoidance) cable and really put this navigation software through its paces.

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