DVD Piracy warnings, where can I get a copy?

Ok now I loath the idea of people copying films/music/software and therefore discouraging the authors from creating more. However, what I really hate is being forced to watch a (seemingly) 20 min advert telling me that the DVD I’ve rented/bought shouldn’t be copied. So basically I get penalised for buying the DVD whilst the people who buy the pirate DVDs go straight to the film. It almost makes me want the throw my ideals out the window for the sake of saving 20 mins per DVD I watch. So if any of you Blu-ray/HD-DVD executives are reading this, please, please don’t force us to watch mind numbingly dumb anti-piracy trailers or any other sort of advert. Sure keep them on there but don’t hijack the control of the film, let us skip them, otherwise I’ll be tempted to join the back of the queue for those dodgy HD-CAM films!

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