Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour (London)

Just got back from attending the Photoshop Seminar Tour by Bert Monroy . I’m not a big Photoshop user but I found the seminar interesting. The topics included;
  • Layers – Beyond the obvious. Nice talk about how to use layers to modularise your work
  • Channel: More Than What Meets the Eye. A great talk, especially about what information is contained within a channel and how to utilise them for masks
  • Master Class: Brush & Pen Techniques. Although good, I found this least interesting. Some nice features such as the random drawing of a brush, but there was little here to interest me
  • Pen Tools & Filters. Some nice little tricks in here, I especially liked the use of filters on masks to produce a rusted metal effect
  • Filter Magic: Creating Realism from Scratch. A small show case of what can be achieved through Photoshop.

Overall it was well worth attending, although I was almost reduced to hysterical laughter by the people in the audience (mostly artists and photographers) who kept repeated what was just said. The poor lecturer must have thought nobody was listening.

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