Upgrading Photoshop CS2 to Creative Suite 2 Standard

Decided to the a copy of Adobe Illustrator was needed to compliment Photoshop so called Adobe to ask about the options. The best all-around option was to upgrade from Photoshop to Creative Suite Standard 2 (CSS2), about the same price plus you get InDesign too.
So the package arrives and I start to install it. "Please uninstall the following…Photoshop CS2". Hmm, ok. "What do you want to do with your activation information?", erm spose I should keep that…why doesn’t the upgrade pack tell me what to expect?
So after uninstalling (and rebooting) I try to install CSS2 again. After entering the serial number, again, it asks me how I want to locate my copy of Photoshop 5 or above. Ok, I put the Photoshop CD in the drive and say, "search CD drives". "Not found". Hmm, try the other options to be faced with the same result. Grr, so I re-install Photoshop and try again.
"Please uninstall Photoshop" – Ha, not likely. "Continue".
"Photoshop is installed, press Quit to quit the install". No! "Continue".
"How do you wish to locate Photoshop?". "CD" – "not found", all the other options, "not found".
But hang on, you’ve just told me twice I’ve got the thing installed and now you can’t find it!!! So I hit browse and lead the horse to the water. Hurray, it worked off we go. Good grief and I thought installing Quark software was a pain in the seating area. So the trick seems to be, don’t uninstall Photoshop CS2, no matter how much it begs you to. Although, I’ve yet to start using it earnest so who knows what awaits me.

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