DotNetNuke and Stylesheets

My Dad has recently started subscribing to a portal site for his business and was asking about how to style the site correctly. After a cursory look I realised that the site was in fact a DotNetNuke portal. Fine I thought, just write a new skin and off we go. However, in their great wisdom the portal administrator had switched off any ability to add/change skins, so we’re left with the default skin. The problem is that the default skin is churning out a terrible mixture of structure and layout HTML making it almost impossible to style correctly. I’ve really struggled to make them understand why their portal is currently so terrible because of it. This company is one of those companies that give the IT industry a bad name. They pick up a product, which is free, and take money from unsuspecting customers but provide them with a rubbish result because they cannot either understand or be bothered to use the tool properly in the first place. I’m sending them a link to a What is CSS FAQ in the hope they can at least read about CSS.

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