Matching names in LUIS

I recently hit a thorny issue with allowing my Bot to understand names via LUIS. I tried to train the LUIS model with various utterances of, ‘how is ‘ but it really wasn’t getting anywhere. There are just so many variations of names that unless I retrieved a large name data set then this really wasn’t going to work. So I fell back to using a very specific match. Yes, that is not really in the spirit of LUIS but at least it keeps all the language models in one place. My trick is pretty simple;

  • Create your Intent; e.g. HowIs
  • Add your *specific* utterance; e.g. how is paul
  • Go to the Entities options and create a new Entity called ‘Name’…
  • Set the Entity Type to RegEx…
  • Add your RegEx, e.g. (?<=^.{7})(.*)
  • Hit train
  • Now when you visit your Intent you should see the name aspect labelled as ‘Name’. As I say, it’s pretty crude and frankly you don’t need LUIS to do such a match. But if you believe there is value in keeping all your language matching models in the same place then it’s the best solution I currently have.

    NB I tried using a training list and Pattern and neither seemed to help


    MS Bot framework / LUIS gotcha

    I’ve been training the LUIS service for use with the Microsoft Bot Framework and I did the cardinal sin of changing two things in my code; add some ‘clever’ OO stuff and add a new set of LUIS Intents. When I tested my Bot I kept getting, ‘The given key was not present in the dictionary’ when instantiating my LUIS Dialog. Turns out that if you have an Intent in LUIS but you have not YET implemented the handler in your LUIS Dialog then this is the error you get should the user hit that Intent. I suspect there is someway of specifying a default handler but I’ve yet to find it.