Mono == Frustration

Finally managed to find a 1/2 decent code editor for the Mac (smultron) so I thought I port my Wake Up On Lan code to mono and run it on the Mac. What an annoying tool mono is. After using the tools of dinosaurs (Terminal) I asked the compiler to do its work. It came back with… (4, 255+) Expecting ‘;’. Well fine but what the **!* does that mean? I sort of assumed that it was column and row. So I went to the 5th line and stuck in some rubbish characters to confirm my theory… (1, 124) Expecting ‘;’. Eh? Now I understand why they don’t supply some lovely rich IDE but I would hope that the compiler gives useful error messages not some random value that makes it impossible to use. Ok I’ll look up the error codes, couldn’t find any documentation on that. Off to the forums, surely I must just have something configured incorrectly. What forum, must be a community support. Nope some link to a commercial company. Ah here we go…an email list. What is this? A tool for the uber geek who takes pleasure in finding the most painful and awful way to communicate? I’ve half a mind to simply give up on this if "they" simply want to keep it a dark room project.

[Edit] A plus in Mono’s column… Although the error message is still *rubbish* I finally discovered that I had some generics code and I was using the v1 compiler. So I downloaded the latest version of Mono and updated (nice that it updated the existing version) and used the gmcs compiler (v2) and the file compiled without problems, so expect a WOL for OSX in the near future.

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